OADC Amicus Committee

The OADC Amicus Committee reviews requests for amicus participation on issues in Oregon appellate courts of significance to the members of the OADC. The committee consists of some of OADC's most distinguished appellate attorneys and selectively identifies cases on which the OADC can provide useful input and perspective on issues which will have significant effect on civil litigation in the areas of law practice by OADC members.


Amicus Brief Bank

Click here to access our databank of Amicus Briefs done by OADC members

Directions for Submitting Requests for OADC Amicus Curiea Support

Please provide the following as part of your request:
    1. The name of the case and any appellate court numbers assigned to the case.
    2. The names of the attorneys for the respective parties involved in the case.
    3. Copies of all appellate briefs filed by any of the parties in the case.
    4. Copies of all appellate court decisions in the case.
    5. State the present status of the case on appeal and, if a petition for review has been filed with the Oregon Supreme Court, has the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court acted on the petition (if so, when)? If the Supreme Court has already granted review, has that Court requested any additional briefing by the parties or directed any questions in writing to the parties (if so, please provide a copy of any such correspondence)? Also, if the Supreme Court has granted review, has a date been set for oral argument?
    6. Are you aware of any other persons or entities who (a) have applied to file an amicus brief; (b) have already filed an amicus brief; (c) have indicated that they intend to apply to appear amicus in the case; or (d) have been contacted about appearing as an amicus party? If so, please list the names of any person or entity and the person's or entity's attorney.
    7. As to any person or entity listed in response to Item 6, please list which issues you think that person or entity might be addressing as an amicus party, and please provide us with copies of any amicus applications or briefs.
    8. State the issues you believe the OADC should address if it applies to become involved as an amicus party.
    9. List any other information that may assist the OADC Amicus Committee in deciding whether to recommend OADC becoming involved as an amicus party.
    10. Send the above to the OADC Amicus Committee Chair, presently Michael Estok, with copies to members of the committee as follows:

Amicus Committee

Michael Estok
Lindsay Hart, LLP
1300 SW 5th Ave., #3400
Portland, OR 97201
Fax: 503.226.7697
[email protected]


Jonathan Henderson
Davis Rothwell Earle & Xochihua
200 SW Market St, Ste 1800
Portland, OR 97201
[email protected]


Matthew Kalmanson
Hart Wagner, LLP
1000 SW Broadway, 20th Floor
Portland, OR 97205
[email protected]


Sara Kobak
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
1211 SW 5th Ave, #1900
Portland, OR 97204
[email protected]

Jeremy Rice
Parks Bauer
570 Liberty St SE, #200
Salem, OR 97301
[email protected]

Hillary Taylor
Keating Jones Hughes PC
200 SW Market St, #900
Portland, OR 97201
[email protected]


Board Liaison
Heather Bowman
Professional Liability Fund
PO Box 231600
Tigard, OR 97281
Phone: 503.639.6911