2024-2025 OADC Defense Practice Academy

September 2024 - June 2025 | Portland, Oregon

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OADC is here to support the continuing education of newly admitted defense attorneys and junior associates by teaching them how to manage a case from initial intake through arbitration or trial, and everything in between. Our aim is to provide the kind of nuts & bolts, hands-on training and instruction that most partners and senior associates are simply too busy to provide in today’s legal market.

Sign Up Today For Our Five-Part Series: Mastering the Williams v. Simonson Case

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of the Williams v. Simonson case with our immersive five-part series. Each part of the 2024-25 Defense Practice Academy offers invaluable insights and an opportunity to gain practical skills crucial for success in litigation. All sessions are two hours long and include both educational and “mock” components.

Session 1: Case Intake
Date: Mid-October
Gain a step-by-step understanding of case intake procedures, including running conflicts and determining whether the client/issues are a “fit” for your practice. Learn to identify key witnesses, crucial evidence, and potential expert needs from the outset. Delve into initial to-dos including preservation letters, case assessments, early motions, and conflict resolution strategies. Perfect for new lawyers seeking foundational knowledge.

Session 2: Experts!
Date: Early December
Explore the roles of economists, medical experts, and more. Delve into the process of selecting and working with experts in preparation for depositions and/or at trial.

Session 3: Depositions (Taking and Defending)
Date: Late January/Early February
Explore the art of deposition-taking and defending from start to finish. This session will cover steps including drafting an outline, selecting exhibits, and preparing a witness, and include hands-on experience for all participants in the roles of attorney and witness. Ideal for refining deposition skills.

Session 4: Pretrial Preparation
Date: Late April/Early May
Learn to navigate pretrial filings (including trial memos, witness statements, exhibit lists, and motions in limine) and associated oral argument with finesse. Review trial preparation checklists and discuss best practices.

Session 5: Trial
Date: June 2025 at OADC Convention
Hone trial advocacy skills with a focus on openings, closings, and witness handling. Participate in a simulated trial environment at OADC. Present your own "clopening" for invaluable feedback and learning.


Entire Program: $1,500                    Each Course: $195 a la CARTE
Earn 10 credits with a focus on practical skills. The five-part series is $1,500. Register now to secure your place in this transformative series.

* $50 of this savings is a Convention credit.