OADC Email Listserv Program

The OADC email listserv is open only to OADC members as a member benefit, and is closed to the general public.  Members can subscribe to the listserv by sending an email to [email protected]  with a message in the body of the email asking to be subscribed to the listserv and including your name and email address to be subscribed.  You will receive an email confirming your addition to the listserv once your membership has been verified by OADC staff and you have been added to the listserv (please allow 1 business day).

OADC Listserv Guidelines

Don’t “Reply All”
If you think the topic is interesting or want more information about that topic, contact the member who posted the original email and ask the member to share information with you. But also remember that sometimes people click the wrong button, so give folks a break when they accidentally write back to the full membership.

Don’t Advertise
This isn’t the place to poach other members’ associates or sell your car. Please do not post outside industry events or charitable causes. If you think an event or issue should be publicized to OADC members, contact Geoff Horning at the OADC at [email protected] with your request.

The Listserv is Not Confidential
Anything you post could get into the wrong hands. Remember that when you’re writing. Be courteous and professional. It is also a violation of the Listserv rules to post anything defamatory, abusive, profane, or to use the Listserv for any illegal purpose. Please remember to be courteous, respectful, and topical on our Listserv.

How to Use the Listserv:
  1. To send a message to the listserv, email: [email protected]
  2. Clearly label your topic area in the subject line.
  3. Remember that if you use your email program REPLY function, your message will be sent to the sender of the message only.
  4. Please keep your messages constructive, courteous and brief. Please do not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal materials (see listserv rules).
  5. Remember that email is not confidential.

OADC, board members, list owners, moderators, administrators, staff, or contributors will not be held liable in any way for any information or data made available, or omitted from any and all information distributed through this listserv. It is understood that any information distributed may or may not have been checked for accuracy. By participating in this forum, you imply complete agreement to hold harmless the above named parties against any and all liability for any action that you may or may not take; and any and all other consequences regarding all postings, regardless of the cause, effects, or fault of any of the parties.

Download OADC Listserv Rules

Questions?  Contact OADC at 503.253.0527 or 800.461.6687 or at [email protected].