2024 Annual Sponsorship Information 

Become an OADC Sponsor! Your contact with our members will help improve the overall effectiveness of the civil defense litigation practice and further educate and develop our legal community.

  • INCREASE your reach to key contacts through affiliation with OADC.
  • OBTAIN direct access to OADC members.
  • INTRODUCE new products and services to key leaders in the profession.
  • NETWORK with the Oregon civil defense community.
  • ACHIEVE public recognition as an organization that’s making a difference in the profession.
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2024 Sponsorship Information
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Become an OADC Partner today. Through your Partner Package sponsorship you can gain direct contact with and access to our members, help to improve the overall effectiveness of the civil defense practice in Oregon and further educate and develop our legal community. OADC values our sponsorship partners. These partnerships allow us to maintain and expand our membership services. OADC can connect you with attorneys and organizations that are at the forefront of the legal profession in Oregon, while helping you raise your company’s profile and awareness by giving our members further insight into products and services--like yours--which are available to our profession.

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